i4M hardware, software and cloud systems are deployed to provide on the go control and monitoring of a range of different farm machinery, including Fertiliser Spreaders, Sprayers, Seeders, Tillage equipment and Chaser Bins.

i4M products are unique, they move the technology out of the tractor and onto the machine, providing a dedicated machine controller, specifically designed for the task at hand and independent of third party hardware and software systems. Our methodology reduces complexity and cost, ensuring our products are reliable and easy to use regardless of machine brand and type.

Key features of our technology

  • Tablet Based You don’t need the latest tractor screen to run i4M. All i4M systems are controlled from an Android or Apple Device running in the tractor cabin. The tablet is also used as the conduit for data transfer to and from the i4M Cloud server.
  • Simple Hardware No need for complicated CAN networks and wiring harnesses. i4M systems operate over a wi-fi network, simply run 12V power to the machine controller and start work.
  • Seamless Prescription Map and Data Transfer Transfer of prescription maps from the office PC to the machine is not reliant on moving large amounts of data via email or memory sticks. Prescription maps data is uploaded to the i4M server and synced automatically to the tablet device when the user logs in. Select i4M Apps also log data that can be sent to the i4M server for post task analysis, provide valuable Agronomic insights. No unlock codes are required and each i4M hardware system comes with free access to the i4M cloud server.
  • Proven in the Field First introduced in 2009, i4M control systems have been thoroughly proven in field trials and commercial use in Australia and the United Kingdom. There are over 500 i4M systems in use across Australia and in the United Kingdom. The i4M cloud server, API and hardware are fully integrated with HL Hutchinson’s, Omnia Hub platform used to manage Agronomic data for over 3500 farmers.
  • Flexibility All i4M systems are tractor independent and will integrate directly with a range of equipment brands, from the Tier 1 OEM’s through to smaller bespoke manufacturers. The i4M RS232 controller interface directly with existing third party implement controllers to provide a cost effective solution for Variable Rate fertilisers, spray and seed applications. Older equipment can be setup for Variable Rate without costly upgrade costs. The i4M Tracer GPS provides sub 1m GPS accuracy alongside Auto Shutoff and Coverage mapping capabilities, without the complexity and price tag of comparable Tier 1 OEM GPS systems.