Does i4M run on Android devices?

Version 1 i4M Systems operate on iOS, Version 2 systems on Android. For more details on compatibility for specific products see the Products page.

Are i4M kits supplied with a Tablet?

i4M is supplied without a tablet, users must supply their own device running the latest operating system. A list of recommended devices is available from your i4M dealer. Alternatively, a tablet kit consisting of the Tablet and RAM mounts for fitting inside the tractor cab can be purchased with the i4M hardware kit, contact your i4M supplier for details on the Tablet kit pricing.

Does i4M work on ISOBUS?

I4M does not work with ISOBUS. It is a standalone, tractor independent system.

Is my machine controller compatible with i4M?

Check the RS232 Rate Controller brochure for a list of compatible 3rd party machine controllers or contact i4M via email

Can I retro-fit an i4M System?

i4M systems are designed for retro-fit to existing machinery. Contact i4M via email for more details on retro-fit kit options and pricing.

Where do buy an i4M system?

i4M systems are available to purchase through our Agronomy and OEM partners, contact us via the contact form or email for details on where you can buy i4M products locally.

What happens to the mapping screen if the cellular 3/4G network drops out?

When the network connection is lost, a map of the nearby local area will remain on the display. i4M Apps continue to run without a 3/4G cellular connection.

Can I connect my tractor GPS to the i4M system?

No, i4M servers are not designed to receive an external GPS feed. On a standard i4M system, geo-location is provided by the tablet GPS. Should a higher resolution be required, the i4M Tracer GPS should be used.