There are six key components to all i4M Systems;

  • Machine Controller
  • Sensors
  • Hydraulic and Electric Motor Drives
  • Tablet and Mobile Apps
  • i4M Tracer GPS
  • i4M cloud server

The Machine Controller is located on the farming implement and it operates as the central wi-fi network node. The controller communicates with the Tablet to receive instructions such as target application rate or tillage depth. The Machine Controller controls hydraulic or electric motor drives to set and maintain the target application rate or tillage depth, using feedback from sensors on the implement to precisely monitor the machine state. A broad range of sensors can be connected to the Machine Controller including Inductive, Ultrasonic, NVDI, Pressure Transducers and Loadcells.

The i4M Mobile App software is used to configure machine settings, read prescription map files and transfer data to and from the i4M cloud server.

When fitted to the farm implement the i4M Tracer GPS transmits location data over the wi-fi network to the Mobile App enabling coverage mapping and auto shutoff.

The i4M Cloud Server is used to transfer prescription maps to the Mobile App. To transfer a prescription map, generic shape files are uploaded to the Cloud Server where they are processed and made available for download by the Mobile App. During processing the user can add tags and comments to assist workers in the field. Data can also be transferred to the i4M Cloud Server depending on the i4M mobile app being used. Example of types or data collected include NVDI data from Plant Vision and Tillage Depth from the Depth Command app. All data transferred from the Mobile App to the Cloud Server is available in csv format that can be read by most 3rd party Precision Agriculture software packages.