The i4M Chaser Bin monitor is designed to precisely measure and log chaser bins used in the harvesting operations of grain, oils seeds, vegetables and horticultural and viticultural products.

Most modern harvesters are fitted with yield monitors to measure a crop yields. Calibration of yield monitors can be inaccurate and often its an overlooked task when farmers are racing to harvest their crops.

More and more Chaser Bin manufacturers are fitting loadcells to their machines to enable measurement of the amount product being harvested. These weighing systems consist of an indicator in the tractor cabin that displays the amount of product in the Chaser Bin. With most weighing systems, logging of weights from one load to the next is manually recorded, leading to error or lose of valuable data.

The i4M Chaser Bin monitor connects to Chaser Bin loadcells and sends weight data to over Wi-Fi to an Android tablet located in the tractor cabin.

The software is designed to record the total amount of product harvested in a single paddock. The user enters a field name and crop type and adds each load to an accumulated weight total.

When harvesting of the paddock is complete, the accumulated weight stored in a csv file that can be used for data analysis. When connected to the i4M cloud the accumulated weight data is uploaded from the tablet to the server.

Product Benefits

– Accurately monitor crop yields
– Cost Effective logging solution
– Easy to setup and calibrate
– More Confidence in Yield Data


“We use the i4M Chaser Bin app to accurately calibrate our combine harvester to ensure the yield monitor is always correct. It also allows us to the know how much product was harvested in each field using our Grain Cart loadcells. The data collected can be transferred to the office so we know what is going on in the field.”

Krister Wiengren, Farmmac AB Asmundtorp, Sweden