The i4M Spreader controller app allows farmers to carry out variable rate fertiliser prescription plans using a belt type fertiliser spreader. The system consists of a tablet computer running the i4M app sotware that connects to an electronics module over Wi-Fi.

The electronics module is connected to an actuator, drive and sensor network mounted on the spreader. As the machine travels across the field, the app determines the required application rate from the prescription map adjusting the conveyor belt speed to set and maintain the fertiliser rate. When not using a prescription map, the user can load up to three preset rates for manual control of rate on the run.

Prescription map files are transferred to the tablet via i4M cloud server. The user simply places the prescription map files onto a web page, adding information such as field name and selecting the required map layer.

The cloud server processes the map and makes it available for download on the tablet. Unlock codes are not required, the user gets free account access to the i4M cloud server when purchasing i4M hardware.

Connecting loadcells to the i4M spreader controller, allows precise control of application rates with fertiliser calibration factors fine tuned to within 1% of the target rate. The i4M fertiliser controller is an easy to use, cost effective Variable Rate solution for spreaders. i4M is tractor independent, the spreader controller will run on any brand of tractor with sufficient oil flow to run both the spinner and belt circuits.

With a fast learning curve, the i4M fertiliser spreader minimises fertilsier wastage and ensures that the crop receives the optimum fertiliser dosage.

“The i4M app and prescription map transfer system are easy to use. The accuracy of the calibration means no more under or over application of fertilisers”

Broden Holland, Young NSW

“My i4M variable rate control system is second to none, providing me with an accurate, easy to use, cost saving spreader system”

Graham Ralph, Dowerin WA


– Android Tablet
– Uses Tablet GPS or i4M Tracer GPS*
– Variable Rate Prescription Maps
– Download Maps from i4M Cloud server
– Preset Rates (Manually change on the run)
– Shows Hopper Weight (with or without Loadcells)
– Hectare Counter
– Stores Products and Calibrations
– Stores Machine Setup Data
– Monitors Output Rate
– Monitors Spinner Speed
– Auto Door Height (with Actuator)
– Operator Alarms

*i4M Tracer GPS is required for coverage mapping and auto shutoff functionality